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Was great to be amidst some old friends at the EAS conference and share some ideas about Imaging Spectrometer and its applications to the urban environment. Too many spectral signals from an urban pixel can cause numerous challenges to unmix them. Narrow band widths of the HyMap imaging spectrometer can explode some of the feature extraction myths. Drew the audience to a project in Sydney where a full range field spectroradiometer was used in the full range [3.4 to 2.45 micrometer]. Recall those days when I was on the field with troops from the New South Wales Fire Brigades. Image calibration and successful mapping of different surface materials led to a highly accurate map of roof materials in urban Sydney. Discussions at the EAS conference followed the usual pattern i.e. dealing with new sensors, new range of datasets, new challenges to analyze and mine them, and of course collaborations and collaborations. Sad to miss the taste of Denver event thanks to United Airlines but felt great to meet with some old comrades at Harris [conference hosts]. New sensors and data sets will create new systems and procedures that will be followed by new innovations and reliance on deep learning, AI, Data mining and machine learning. Happy analytics folks. Here's the HyMap research article if anyone wants it. Great project great memories from the Land Down Under.

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