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NSF-Advanced Technological Education and NASA-EONS geospatial workshops

The joint NSF-ATE and NASA-EONS geospatial workshops received overwhelming response. Many participants from across New York City are taking part in these weekend workshops that focus on feature extraction techniques from Earth Observation (EO) datasets. Spatial-temporal EO datasets from the BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute's ever growing archive of geospatial datasets and NASA's rich online EO data repositories are being used in these workshops. Participants will be exposed to a wide array of feature extraction techniques from per-pixel to object-based approaches to mine data. A recent grant from Amazon AWS to BGCCCI and proactive support from BGCCCI's industry board will enable the workshop participants to be exposed to industry relevant workforce skills and career pathways. BGCCCI's small but significant steps will assist other national efforts in building America's human capital in emerging technologies.

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