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NSF-ATE Sponsored Summer Workforce Internship Program [SWIP] - at BGCCCI

The BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute [BGCCCI] is invested in mentoring students, Interns from colleges and schools in cutting-edge research. Participants from the New York City region work at BGCCCI work on independent projects ranging from a wide range of studies in Urban Planning, Image Analyses, Feature Extraction, health and human services and may other interdisciplinary STEAM projects. They are mentored by affiliated faculty at BGCCCI and skilled technicians. The ongoing six week Summer Workforce Internship Program or SWIP sponsored by NSF-ATE is in full session and will end on the 12th August, 2019. Participants are working on measuring quality of life across four major time zones in the U.S. where they model data and map the correlations and linearity between socio-economic variables from two different time periods. Results from the research may lead to further insights into the life styles of selected communities in these time zones. Participants are mentored and oriented in research methodology, data analyses and ethics. They will design presentations and submit a technical report by the end of the SWIP. Most of the participants have limited background knowledge in spatial analytics but were trained in specific types of analyses which has enabled them to conduct research. Careful guidance and mentoring has the potential to impart geospatial skill sets, research and workforce training that will form the foundations of a talented pool of skilled technicians in the country

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