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Promoting excellence in Geospatial Technology at CUNY. The fall 2019 weekend workshops at the BCC Ge

The fall 2019 geospatial workshop resumed on the 12th October, 2019 once again to an overwhelming response. Participants from middle and high schools were recruited to ten weekend workshops led by expert faculty. The workshops consist of inquiry based hands-on learning materials and exercises that is aimed at exposing and training students in geospatial technology at the state of the BGCCCI's geospatial computing center. Together with the National Science Foundation's Advanced Technological Education [NSF-ATE], National Aeronautical Space Administrations - EONS program and BGCCCI, the workshops are a critical cog in the geospatial career pathways wheel. No skilled geospatial technicians can be created overnight and without these contributions the national goal of addressing the gap in skilled labor in the booming geospatial industry will not be possible.

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