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Spring 2019 NSF sponsored geospatial workshops on Feature Extraction Techniques

The ten day weekend geospatial workshops at the BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute [BGCCCI] came to a close today with excellent presentations by each students. Feature Extraction techniques form the backbone of deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in geospatial technology especially when working with time series of spaceborne geospatial data sets. Participants from different schools in New York City attended the intensive hands-on based geospatial workshops and successfully completed assigned tasks. They used different classification techniques, algorithms and computed spectral and spatial, attributes to extract specific features from high resolution satellite imagery provided by our ever growing and supportive industry consortium. Our efforts have exposed these participants to the world of feature extraction that has exposed them to the wonderful possibilities and spatial solutions in data science that geospatial technology offers. We are now bracing ourselves for a busy summer full of geospatial workshops and professional development programs for educators. BGCCCI continues to support national vision of building skilled technicians and career pathways. A long term strategy is the only way to build the future human capital in geospatial technology in an ever shrinking digital world. We thank the parents of the participants for their invaluable support and appreciation of our efforts at BGCCCI.

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