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True emancipation comes from empowerment

In 2012 an unassuming student in an environmental science class that I was teaching sat in a corner quietly listening to my lectures. Little did I realize that this student Leroy Brown would turn into an Officer at the Department of Homeland Security. The story of Leroy is quite addictive and powerful good enough to narrate and share. Leroy worked with me on several geospatial projects focussing on feature extraction techniques and published as a co-author in peer reviewed journals including one authored by NASA scientists. These skills are particularly critical for the Department of Homeland Security. Leroy supported me at the BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute and was a key member who impacted the growth of the center. He achieved all this by showing exemplary temperament, integrity and teamwork. Leroy presented at several conferences and was a key member of the NSF-ATE project team that presented at the NSF-ATE PIs conference in 2019. True empowerment comes from passion to do well in any field, desire to learn new skills and lots of hard work.

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