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Building America's Human Capital in Geospatial Technology at BGCCCI

The Fall 2019 Geospatial weekend workshop ended with presentations by all participants. Their grasp of spatial concepts and understanding was excellent. The ten [10] weekend workshops engaged students from middle school to high schools in inquiry based workshops taught by expert faculty and professionals from the industry. All participants completed series of tasks consisting of hands-on exercises using industry standard software. The closing event was attended by parents who were buoyed by their ward's presentations and engaged in the discussions. The participants also took part in a panel discussion and described about their experiences and accomplishments. Skilled professionals can never be created overnight....... they have to be nurtured over time by intuitive exercises and challenges that develop their spatial thought processes. The BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute has imparted professional skills and career pathways to many since its inception in 2010. We will be delivering another series of weekend workshops this time funded by both NSF-ATE and NASA-EONS programs in spring 2020

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