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Concluding session of the NSF-ATE sponsored geospatial workshop for participants

The 16 day summer geospatial workshops for middle and high schools ended on a high note with presentations by all participants at the BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute [BGCCCI]. The workshops were characterized by high level of interaction and inquiry based hands on exercises. All participants completed the exercises and demonstrated a high level of spatial knowledge in their presentations. An enterprising instructional team worked with each participant on all the 16 day three [3] hour intensive sessions to spatially enable them. An outstanding team of coordinators worked ahead of time as a team to assist in the delivery of the workshops. The attendance of the two presentation sessions by principals and teachers of nearby institutions and parents of participants led to a gripping environment characterized by questions and discussions. From a state of none or limited information about geospatial technology all participants demonstrated an excellent understanding of the potential applications of geospatial technology to STEAM disciplines. The award of stipends in the presence of their family members and peers left them beaming with confidence. Exposure and awareness in the right learning environment is critical step towards creating skilled technicians in the long run who may build on their knowledge base and eventually drive the American economy.

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