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COVID-19 floored us so we took NSF-ATE and NASA-MISTC sponsored geospatial workshops into the Clouds

COVID-19 continues to challenge us and the ongoing NSF and NASA Geospatial Projects at BCC-CUNY are no exception. When everyone was made to burrow in we decided to take the Geospatial Workshops into the clouds. Thanks to Amazon Web Services [AWS], L3 Harris Geospatial, Environmental Systems Research Institute [ESRI], BCC-CUNY we are offering the Geospatial Workshops for College students in the Cloud. Using AWS's powerful elastic and scalable and superior computing environment combined with the analytical suite of software provided by LS Harris and ESRI we are all set to deliver and support programmatic goals of NSF-ATE and NASA-MISTIC. The impact of the workshops delivered at the BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute [BGCCCI] go way beyond their direct beneficiaries. Since 2010, BGCCCI offered a spectrum of activities under NSF-ATE and NASA-MISTC funded grant projects. More than 300 participants from schools and colleges were trained at workshops and research internships. Professional development programs delivered focused training sessions for educators and professors in the New York City region. Our collaborations with the industry and internships exposed participants and collaborators to applications of geospatial technology in STEM disciplines. Our ecosystem consisting of an industry consortium, network of schools and colleges, and other stake holders have enabled us to deliver activities that promoted applications of geospatial technology in the region. Once again we have received overwhelming response to the workshop starting 1st June, 2020. Working collectively is the key to deliver programmatic goals designed to increase the human capital of America. Thanks to our industry collaborators we continue to walk the talk.

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