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Exposing students in New York City to Geospatial Technologies at BGCCCI

At the recently concluded fall 2019 geospatial weekend workshops at the BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute [BGCCCI] participants as young as the one in the photo delivered excellent presentations. The key to building Human Capital in America particularly in emerging technologies is to expose them at an early stage in their education. Young minds are keen, curious and exposure at an early formative age can create the skilled technician who will drive the American economy in the long run. Not only will such exposure create a solid conceptual and technical foundation but will also enable them to nurture and harness their talents in a focused manner. How effective and captivating the presentation was is reflected in the photo. These workshops also engage families of participants to geospatial technologies who may support their wards in their pursuit of the ideal career which must be a blend of their innate talent, aptitude and natural propensity to follow a career that suits them the most.

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