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Geospatial workshops delivered in the cloud. Fall 2020

The current fall 2020 geospatial workshops supported by both NSF-ATE and NASA-MISTC programs have generated tremendous curiosity in image analyses. Participants from middle and high schools have been glued to analyzing satellite data by accessing AWS console through an RDP. L3 Harris team have been supporting us steadfastly since 2010. The workshop focus is a key area of research in the U.S. - 'Feature Extraction'. The workshops provide exposure to participants and create 'Intellectual Curiosity' which is the most important thing that the country needs to nurture. With adequate exposure and planned workshops we can better inform them and empower them to think about geospatial sector as a career possibility. All participants work for a total of 6 hours every weekend and they will show case their work through presentations on the 12th December, 2020. Our crusade through the BCC Geospatial Center [] started in 2010. We value 'TIME' which is most precious asset and work round the clock to address all challenges. It is a great honor and privilege to just have the opportunity to do what we like the most - 'Foster Spatial Thinking'

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