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Implementing NSF-ATE Programmatic Goals at the BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute

Since 2017 we created pathways in geospatial technology and careers by working collaboratively with a bunch of stake-holders and an industry consortium. Our efforts impacted over 400 participants [middle school to College students and Professors] who were either trained or mentored in cutting-edge research at the Geospatial Center. Our contributions have planted City University of New York-BCC Campus on the National Map and has led to the creation of an ecosystem that spreads far beyond New York City.

Our workshops, professional development activities and research internships have attracted participants from NYC as well as other institutions outside NYC. We would like to thank all partners and collaborators in our crusade to enthuse, expose, train and nurture workforce skills in geospatial technology which clearly has to be accumulated over a period of time.

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