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NSF-ATE Workshops at BGCCCI - Imparting Workforce Skills by Collaborating with Industry Leaders

Industry leaders from the geospatial sector participate in the geospatial workshops at the BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute [BGCCCI]. They deliver workshops that expose participants to the tools for geospatial analyses and recent trends in the geospatial sector. Representatives from the Industry also give an overview about their respective companies and their products and services. This interface is essential because its gives participants a context for attending the workshops and informs them about numerous opportunities in this emerging technology. Environmental Systems Research Institute's commitment to BGCCCI through Jim Barry has been growing each year and is resulting in more exposure and networking opportunities for the participants. These activities not only inform participants from underrepresented populations but also empowers them to make career choices based on informed decisions. To be a successful and happy skilled technician it is important for anyone to follow a career for which they have passion and ambition rather than one driven by peer pressure. That will ensure quality increase in human capital especially in sectors that face critical shortage in skilled labor and ensure productivity in the long run for the American economy.

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