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NSF & NASA join hands with BGCCCI for Creating Workforce Skills in the Cloud

Yet another NSF-ATE geospatial workshops for K-12 ended on the 27th with presentations by many participants who came from institutions in the New York City region. By collaborating with Amazon Web Services [AWS], L3 Harris Geospatial and ESRI participants were engaged in a16-day [9am-4pm] workshop. They learnt different image analysis techniques, pattern recognition, anomaly detection, presentation skills and technical report writing. Geospatial applications presentations ranged from COVID to urban planning to mental health and new clean energy. The future of geospatial, industry depends on a edifice of geospatial concepts and software skills. Rome was not built in a day! The BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute with the National Science Foundation and National Aeronautical Space Administration have impacted over 400 participants including students and professors from the New York City and New Jersey region creating workforce skills and skilled technicians.

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