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Training the educators! NASA-MISTC & NSF-ATE Professional Development Program

The BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute [BGCCCI] delivered yet another Professional Development Program for US Educators. These educators are teach technology and STEM subjects to thousands of students in the country. Training them will benefit all those students who attend their classes. They were exposed to concepts in remote sensing, exposed to different types of satellite imagery and trained in image analyses using industry standard software. Participants were encouraged to brain storm new projects in geospatial technology and provided innovative solutions to beat challenges around acquisition of software and geospatial datasets. The workshop was delivered in the cloud using Amazon's Appstream Console and organized in collaboration with National Aeronautical Space Administration [NASA], National Science Foundation [NSF] and an Industry consortium. Since 2010 BGCCCI [Twitter @BGCCCIGeo] has been championing the cause of spatial thinking and and BIG data analytics.

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